#46 Ricky Roma’s Rant Scene (Glengarry Glenn Ross)

A great scene with classic Al Pacino acting furiously yelling at another brilliant actor. Funny every single time.

Best Character: Ricky Roma

Best Quote: ” You Fairy”


#47 Funny How? Scene (Goodfellas)

A great scene where a mobster intimidates his friend and gets even your heart pounding the first time.


  • Best Character: Tommy DeVito
  • Best Quote: “Funny how, like I’m clown?”
  • Scene:

#48 Dinner Scene (American Beauty)

Here’s classic scene showing that Lester Burnhum is becoming a new and better person.

  • Best Character: Lester Burnhum
  • Best Quote: “Janie, today I quit my job. Then I told my boss to go fuck himself and then I blackmailed huim for almost $60,000, pass the asparagus.”
  • Scene: