#41 Introducing Keyser Soze Scene (The Usual Suspects)

This is a great scene that really shows the brutality of the character that the plot revolve around. It’s a great movie with many great scenes.

Best Character: Keyser Soze

Best Quote: And like that (poof) he’s gone.


#42 Interview Scene (Natural Born Killers)

This is a great scene where a news reporter interviews a serial killer live in a prison. If that’s not the summary of a good scene than what is?

Best Character: Mickey Knox

Best Quote: “I’m a natural born killer.”


#43 Joker Card Scene (Batman Begins)

This is an amazing way to end a film. It wraps everything up and makes you extremely excited and curious as to who will play the greatest villain of all time.

Best Character: Batman/Bruce Wayne

Best Quote: “A taste for the theatrical like you.”


#44 Money Dropping Scene (Fargo)

This is my favorite scene in fargo and I like it a lot better than the wood chipper scene, which is still a good scene, but not nearly as good as this one. The first time you see the scene is just spectacular.

Best Character: Carl Showalter

Best Quote: “Open the fucking gate!”


#45 Pyle Murders Hartman Scene (Full Metal Jacket)

This was a fantastic scene.  The scene is intense and powerful. Great acting by both Pyle and Hartman.

Best Character: Gunnery Sgt. Hartman

Best Quote: “What is your major malfunction numb nuts, didn’t mommy and daddy show you enough attention when you were a child.”


Pride and Glory Review

Pride and Glory was the intense crime drama that Righteous Kill was aiming to be. It weaved an interesting plot about a family of cops and the corruption involved in their division. The leader of the corruption being married to a sister of the family. It had everything a movie like this needs. Great acting, intense tension building scenes, and rugged dialogue. The only problem was that there are a lot of movies that have almost the same plot, and while this movie did do a pretty good job with it, past movies have done much better with the idea of corruption in the police force. 

The acting was fantastic in this movie. I wouldn’t expect anything else from an actor like Edward Norton. He’s one of my favorite actors and he does justice in this type of role. Colin Farrell surprised me for once, he played a perfect dirty cop who was even more dangerous than the criminals he was supposed to be fighting. Jon Voight was good as always. It was a good movie and if you like this type of movie, go see it, but if you haven’t seen The Departed or L.A. Confidential, I would check those out first.

Grade: B-