Top Ten LOST Characters

One of the greatest aspects of the show LOST, right up there with the mysteries, the secrets, the moments, the cliffhangers, the emotions, are the characters that we were able to go on this journey with. These characters are the super glue that hold the entire distorted plot together. They are the reason we always crave for more. This is a list of my top ten favorite characters from a show filled with fantastically layered and fascinating characters. Before I get into a top ten, I’d like to throw in some honorable mentions in no particular order that just barely missed the list…

Honorable Mentions

  • Frank Lapidus: Frank was my favorite of the freighter crew members and though his character never got his own episode and there was never much more than what met the eye, he was always a lot of fun when he was on screen.
  • Rose Nadler: Quite honestly, even over Hugo Reyes, the most kind-hearted and caring person on the island. She is my second favorite female character and here relationship with her husband Bernard is simply tear-jerking.
  • Jin Kwon: The character of Jin offered such a beautiful character arc from someone who, from the first episode, I thought for sure I’d hate until he died of, but I ended up loving until one of the most powerful deaths in the series.
  • Daniel Faraday: From the many pivotal plot points he added to, to the beautiful way he uttered every piece of dialogue, it would be unjust not to put Faraday on at least a list of Honorable mentions.
  • Kate Austen: I think Kate unjustly gets a bad reputation most of the time on the show, and I would agree that too much was focused on her when it could’ve been focused on more interesting characters, but I still loved Kate Austen.
  • Mr. Eko: Mr. Eko was an absolutely fascinating character. I loved every second he was on screen. He also had one of the most surprising deaths in the entire show. Had he been on longer, he might just have made my list.
  • Jacob: If I had to say who my number 11 would be, it would be Jacob. It wasn’t even when Michael Pellegrino was playing him (don’t get me wrong, I found him phenomenal) it was the aura of mystery surrounding him throughout the series up until the beautiful moment that opened the season finale of season 5. “It only ends once, anything that happens before that is just progress.”

Okay, there’s the list of awesome characters that unfortunately were not able to make my top ten. Here is the list of my top ten favorite characters in the vast history of LOST:

10. Hurley

I think anyone who loves LOST would be in agreement that Hurley deserves a spot on this list. Most would actually prefer to see him higher, but this is where he’d have to fall for me. Hugo Reyes is the character that, no matter how dark or convoluted times may be, will always put a smile on your face. When Jack is being obsessive about getting off the island or Locke is being obsessive about keeping everyone on, Hurley is making a golf course or fixing a car just for a bit of fun.

9. Juliet Burke

Juliet Burke is with out a doubt in my mind the greatest female character in the entire series. In a character who didn’t first appear until the first episode of the third season, there wasn’t much to expect. What we got was a brand new character to care for in the way that she cared for the people who deserved to be cared for while offering a new dynamic in the idea that “Others” are people too. Who would’ve thought that such a spectacular character wouldn’t come until the beginning of season 3.

8. Richard Alpert

While there were many questions and mysteries surrounding the island and the entire scope of the show, but no single character was as mysterious as Richard Alpert. Sure there was Jacob and The Man in Black eventually, but we didn’t really start asking questions about them until late in the fifth season. There was always this mysterious presence of Richard from third season on. It was “Ab Aeterno”, that showed us his true character, answered our questions on him, and solidified his slot on this list.

7. Sayid Jarrah

In a beautiful tale filled with checkered and interesting pasts, Sayid Jarrah’s is one of the most checkered and interesting. With a past that could’ve made for one of the most notorious villains of the show, you in-turn get one of the most heroic. And it’s the fundamental ideas like those that make LOST so brilliant. Sayid knows that in his past life he was an awful person and now wants nothing more than to do what he feels in his heart he will never be able to do, make up for the awful things he’s done.

6. Sawyer

In a character, you start by hating with his smart-ass remarks and nicknames, James Ford eventually becomes one of the most loved characters based on the fact that you come to not only expect his attitude, but enjoy it because you can respect it.  We know of his gritty back story about a con leading to his parents’ death and his unrelenting journey of vengeance. The thing that solidifies his position here though, is how he tries so hard to show his “stripes”, but by the end can’t fight what he truly is, a good man.

5. Jack Shephard

Most would argue that Jack Shephard is the main character of the show and yes the series opens with his eye opening and ends with his eye closing, but that’s just beautiful full circle imagery. The beauty of LOST is that there is no single “main character”. Jack Shephard is, however, one of the greatest characters in the show due in part to having the greatest character arc in the series. In a series driven at points by the opposing views of a “man of science” (Jack Shephard) and a “man of faith” (John Locke), Jack by the end keeps the late John Locke’s spirit a live in him by, becoming what he never saw in himself, some one with a higher purpose, some one with an impacting destiny.

4. Desmond Hume

Desmond’s introduction starts out as simply an answer to one of the most mind-boggling questions of Season 1 of what’s in the hatch. Then a picture starts to become more clear and he slowly but surly becomes one of the greatest and most benevolent forces of the entire series. Surrounding him are some of the greatest episodes of the series with “Happily Ever After”, “Live Together, Die Alone” and of course, the classic “The Constant”. And he is also holder of the greatest romance in a show full of terrific romances. He’s not one of the original members of the plane crash and in that way, not as flawed, but its an epic story of forbidden love, loss, phone call and love again that just lifts up your heart when times seem dim in wonderland.

3. Benjamin Linus

The beauty of Benjamin Linus would eventually come from the idea that you always had to expect the unexpected. First he begins a simpleton whose hot air balloon crashed on the island, then you learn he’s actually an expendable member of the “Others”, then you learn that he’s actually their leader and the main antagonist of the series, then he’s tricked by the true antagonist of the series into killing one of the most important of the protagonists of the series and everyone slowly realizes that he might have more of a heart than the original sociopath you saw him as at first.

If that doesn’t make for one of the most fascinating characters ever, I don’t know what will. Ben Linus is a huge factor in what makes LOST fantastic and Ben Linus is made great due to brilliant writing and brilliant delivery by actor, Michael Emerson. At times he’s almost Hannibal Lecter like in the way he manages to be charming, while at the same time alarmingly sinister. There are so many memorable moments involving him in a show full of memorable moments. He’s manipulative, conniving, cunning, sadistic, and eventually remorseful. He’s one of greatest characters in a story full of great characters.

2. The Man in Black

Whether he’s a “pillar of black smoke”, he’s being played to perfection by Terry O’Quinn, or being played just as brilliantly in his original form by Titus Welliver, The Man in Black always has such a beautifully magnificent and commanding presence. He is quite possibly the most pivotal character in the entire story, he is what makes the wheels turn because he is the antagonist. Sure there are many villains in the show, whether they be Benjamin Linus, Martin Keamy or even Mikhail. But if you truly look at this epic tale of mystery and wonder as a whole, the true antagonizing force from beautiful beginning to enigmatic end is The Man in Black.

From the very beginning, my favorite question, mystery, secret, whatever, of the show was the “black smoke monster” and the reveal exceeded my expectations in every sense. Never once did I think that the black smoke would actually turn out to be one of the most fascinating characters of the entire series, but that’s exactly what he was. His story is absolutely phenomenal in the way that the entire first five seasons is essentially him moving chess pieces for his final move in the end of season 5. This is illustrated with gusto with what might be my favorite quote in the entire series, “Indeed I did, and you have no idea what I’ve gone through to be here.”

1. John Locke

John Locke of LOST is not only the greatest character in the entire series of LOST. He’s also undoubtedly one of the greatest characters in existence. He is the only character that makes it into my top four that was actually in the initial plane crash. I loved him from the beginning and followed him to his bitter end and then kept right on following him as he lived on in spirit through Jack Shephard. Where as every other survivor of Oceanic 815 saw the island as a hell they had to escape, John Locke saw it for what it truly was, “a place where miracles happen”.

That is of course because on day one, a miracle did happen to Mr. Locke. As Jacob told Richard in “Ab Aeterno”, “their pasts don’t matter…” and that was true with wheel chair bound Locke, he could walk again and he was given his second chance away from the world in a place where he could show what he could do. It was the same story with every other character, he was just the only one who was willing to except his destiny from the beginning.

There was always something about him, almost unexplainable, that kept him a step above the rest. He was just as much of a leader and hero as Jack was, but just performed his duties in what sometimes looked to be a questionable matter, but these duties always were performed for a greater purpose and were much more profound and important than just simply surviving. John Locke is the face of LOST for me and always will be. LOST is a show made up of some of the greatest characters ever created, but it’s John Locke that is the best of best. He is the greatest character of LOST.

Top Six Seasons of LOST

I obviously couldn’t make a top ten list of the seasons of LOST simply because there’s only six seasons and that’s all there will ever be. This is just a list ordering those six seasons from least to greatest. LOST is a story that has lasted six perfect seasons with over 100 perfect episodes. How does one order perfection? It’s a difficult task, but its a good way to start this section of moviesfilmsmotionpictures.

6. Season 4

While, it is my least favorite Season of LOST, it still is simply spectacular. Every season of LOST follows a specific story line, and with Season 4, we follow the intense and fast-paced story of the freighter. Season offers series classics from the beautifully touching “The Constant” to the excellently plotted “The Shape of Things to Come”. Season 4 is fantastic and completely underrated. The only reason it is here at spot 6  is because it only has 12 episodes and in that way it simply doesn’t offer as much, story wise, to the series as a whole.

5. Season 1

The season that started it all and introduced us to some of the most interesting characters in existence. What we didn’t know was that the best was yet to come. If I was told that at the time, I wouldn’t have believed it because of how brilliant the first season actually was. In Season 1, you get a glimpse at the lives of a group of strangers and their fascinating pasts. You also learn the nature of the island they’ve landed on. The real nature and scope of the show wasn’t truly revealed until the first season’s finale, Exodus when all hope is lost with the line, “we’re gonna have to take the boy.” And of course the opening of the hatch.

4. Season 3

The third season of LOST is absolutely amazing and without a doubt, the most underrated Season of the entire series. With brilliant tales such as, “The Man Behind the Curtain”, “The Brig” and the mind-bending season finale, “Through the Looking Glass”, it always blows my mind that this season gets such a bad reputation. Season 3 is mostly dedicated to learning about the mysterious “Others”. In it we are introduced to the greatest female character of the series, Juliet Burke. We also become more familiar with the sinister Benjamin Linus and learn quickly that there’s always more than meets the eye. Whether its Jack’s surgery of Ben’s spine or Sawyer killing Sawyer, season 3 always has something new and awesome to offer.

3. Season 5

Season 5 was proof that the creators of LOST weren’t afraid to tell the exact story they set out to tell. In a science-fiction filled season complete with teleportation and time-traveling, you get a plot that might seem corny from the outside, but due to pristine story-telling is actually nothing less than magnificent. After five years of a show about being on an island (obviously some got off and came back in episode “316” of this season) you’d think the story by this point would have become redundant or boring, but it just got better. In Season 5, we’re introduced to one of the most surprising and beautiful romances with Juliet and Sawyer, we learn of “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” and don’t even get me started on “The Incident”. Season 5 is pure brilliance.

2. Season 2

With Season 1, you thought you were watching a great television show, but it was Season 2 that showed you that you were watching a truly epic and amazing story unfold right before your eyes. Season 2 is what really starts getting the ball rolling of the greatest television show in existence. We learn what’s in the hatch and expectations are exceeded, we learn there are survivors of the tail end of the plane, we really start delving into one of the greatest aspects of the show, the relationship between main character’s Jack Shephard and John Locke. Above all else though Season 2 is when the questions really start getting asked whether they be about “The Others”, the black smoke monster, the button that has to be pushed every 108 minutes, the numbers, the stone foot, etc. Season 2 is the true set up for one of the greatest stories ever told.

1. Season 6

Season 6 is, to put it as bluntly as possible, the perfect ending to the perfect story. Every single event that transpired in the past seasons were all working its way to this, the greatest season of them all. Season 6 is fueled by the true nature of the island itself and the rivalry between the fascinating characters, Jacob and The Man in Black. In this season we realize just how much is on the line and how much larger than life of a chess game that the main characters we know and love are involved in. Also, on an emotional level, nothing on LOST is breathtaking as Season 6 is.

We’ve gone on this journey just as these characters have and we want nothing more than to be satisfied and not feel as though time has been wasted by the end of it all. We want an ending worth talking about long after. Season 6, as a whole, was an ending to the series and fans needed something just as amazing as the proceeding seasons had offered. What Season 6 offered was nothing short of an assortment of some of the greatest and most memorable moments of the entire series. I couldn’t possibly recount them here, but I will say this: A lot was expected out of Season 6 and what was given was the ending that established LOST as a true masterpiece.


LOST is unquestionably the greatest thing that the invention called the television has ever allowed us to watch. For that very reason I’ve decided to make a category on my site dedicated strictly to LOST, “The Greatest TV Show Ever Created”. Here, for the most part you’ll find top ten lists that express exactly why and how much I am in love with this epic tale called LOST. And if to justify the fact that I’ve added this category to my site (obviously a site dedicated to my love for film), I will say this. LOST is the most cinematic show in existence. If it were a movie, I’d give it an “A+”. Fortunately though, it’s not a movie, because if it were, it wouldn’t be the 100+ hour long epic masterpiece that it clearly is.

LOST is a television show filled with every single thing that makes anything worth watching. With LOST, you get friendship, love, drama, adventure, action, horror, science-fiction, philosophy, the widest arrangement of characters you would ever hope to meet whether they be good, evil or both and above all else, the show never fails to entertain and surprise until it last beautiful seconds.

I’ve been watching LOST from Day 1 and I stuck with it until “The End”, never once thinking of stopping. I’ve since bought every season and yes have re-watched it and will continue to re-watch it until the day I die. LOST, like any amazing book, song or of course movie, that you love is simply a story that you get to have and hold for as long as you’re breathing. So yes, LOST is over and it has been for almost a year now, but it will live on forever as long as there are fans, like me, who never forget exactly how perfect it truly was.

READ THIS IF NOTHING ELSE, IT’S IMPORTANT: The posts in the category entitled “The Greatest TV Show Ever Created” are dedicated to the show LOST and its fans. They are written by me, a lover of the show, and they will be written as if they are being read by other lovers of the show. If you have not seen the show, do not read the posts in this category. Also, don’t think that just because the show is over you can’t pick it up and start watching it now. Once again, the posts in this category will be addressing many of the essential and pivotal secrets of the show. I’m not going to waste my time and the time of other fans by posting a “!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!” before each post so consider this your first, last and only warning… !!!SPOILER ALERT!!!

Well, let’s get started shall we…

In no way, was that my favorite scene or anything. I just thought I should to put a little snip-bit of LOST to begin with and thought that was a good place to start.

Insidious Review

Insidious is, to put it as simply as possible, a breath of fresh air. It’s a film that breaths life into a genre’s darkest hour. Insidious is proof that spectacular horror films can still be made today. It’s a true trip to a haunted house and leaves you with chills running down your spine long after. It’s a fascinating and horrific excursion into the dark abyss and I loved the ride. Insidious is a horror movie in every sense and other horror filmmakers should take note because they could learn a thing or two.

This is a film that’s reminiscent of the films that made showed the genre exactly how awesome it could be, films like The Exorcist and The Shining. It’s clever, yet simple and at the same time, contrary to some opinions, it feels extremely fresh in its execution, plot and form. Insidious is a film filled with the kinds of things that you’d imagine as a child and if they were real, would scare the living hell out of you as an adult. It seems almost childish and corny by it’s very nature, by due to the style and execution, it never fails to express maturity.

Insidious is a horror film created by people who know exactly what a horror movie should be. A horror movie’s job isn’t to see how many gallons of blood it can spill in grotesque ways. It’s job is to scare you and not just make you jump (yes a horror movie should do that and Insidious does that constantly), but also just make the very idea of being in the dark by yourself seem like an insane one. You never know who or what is lurking in the shadows. A horror movie scares you and your friends on a friday night because feeling fear is fun.

Insidious does its excels in its job with flying colors. Sure you could point out some corny parts, but even The Shining had a bear giving a butler a blowjob. You could look at any of your favorite movies and find some problems, but who cares?! The question isn’t, “what’s wrong with that movie?”. The question is, “Did you have a good time watching this movie?”. I for one had an awesome time watching Insidious.

Grade: A-

Scream 4 Review

If you want to talk about surprises, Scream 4 is it. In no way, was I expecting anything remotely resembling a good movie from Scream 4. To my surprise I was very wrong. I won’t lie to you, I have not seen Scream 2 or Scream 3, but I do love the first Scream. I was just never that interested to go out of my way to see the sequels when I’ve heard nothing but bad comments on them. By happen stance though, I was bored and decided just for the hell of it, to get some friends and see the fourth Scream. I had a blast.

In order to get any enjoyment at all out of Scream 4, you have to except it for what it is. Like the first Scream, it is not a frightening film, it doesn’t go out of its way to literally attempt to scare or creep you out like The Shining or The Exorcist, it does offer cheap thrills that might make you jump, but no it is not a scary movie. It’s merely a, dare I say brilliant, commentary on the horror (more so sub-genre, slasher) genre in general.

Over the past years, we’ve gotten many horror movies and aside from a few worth mentioning most don’t even come close to what the genre use to be. This is a time period of remakes, sequels and films that try to make you throw up instead of jumping out of your skin. Scream 4 puts a mirror in the face of this generation of horror and says , look what you’ve done. Scream 4 did for this generation of horror films what the original Scream did for its generation of horror films. And since I grew up in this generation I might just have to say that Scream 4 was actually even more enjoyable.

With Scream 4, you’ve got a delightful batch of the same old characters (or should I say suspects) who you get to watch taken out one by one, while attempting, with your friends and a bucket of popcorn, to decipher the who and the why. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, it’s expected and that’s the point. Scream 4 is exactly the movie it should be, nothing more, nothing less. Is it a perfect movie? No. It is however a perfect Scream 4.

Grade: B+

Rango Review

When it comes to animated films, I’m not usually one to rush out and buy a ticket unless of course its a Pixar movie. Rango however was not a Pixar movie, but it was a pretty darn good movie too say the least. My interest was peaked solely by a Johnny Depp performance and the direction of Pirates’ director, Gore Verbinski. That and let’s face it, there’s not much to see in theaters now, but with Rango, I was glad I did.

The plot was a fun one and not the kind you’d might expect from what looks to be a children’s film. A lonely lizard with troubles in finding who he truly is invents a character for himself and becomes the unlikely savior of a town in dire need of saving. While comical through, in turn the movie is whether intense and very mature for what it’s attempting to do. It was almost as if the filmmakers were confused themselves at who their target audience was. At times this made for a few awkward and weird moments. That would be one major complaint.

Aside from that, I had a lot of fun with this film. I loved the delivery by almost every actor, especially Johnny Depp and Bill Nighy. Ned Beatty fit right in with a role that practically mirrored the antagonist of Toy Story 3. The look and feel of the film were top-notch. The animation was absolutely breath-taking. From every scale and grain f sand, the job was done and done perfectly. You couldn’t look away.

The most fun I had with this film came from the very subtle references made to classic westerns. The most recognizable ones came from the brilliant “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, but the most entertaining to me came from the plot in general that seemed to pay homage to themes of “the dying west” that you get a full dose of in “Once Upon a Time in the West”. Rango is a western in every sense and I very fun one, I’d suggest a view.

Grade: B