Rubber Review

One of my absolute favorite genres of film is the horror genre. The reason I love horror films so much is because rarely is there a time where while I’m watching a horror film, am I not having a good time. There are two categories when it comes to horror, except in some infuriating cases, but for the most part you’re either watching a brilliant horror film such as The Shining or The Thing or you’re watching an awful horror film and more often than not, when horror films are really bad they’re hilarious making for a fun time anyways.

The film Rubber fits in neither of these categories. I sat down to watch the movie about a tire with telepathic powers expecting to laugh at how awful it was, I mean how can you turn down that premise? I walked away realizing that Rubber wasn’t the horror movie I thought I was going to watch at all. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t be able to find what genre it would fit in at all. Rubber was just Rubber, a truly one of a kind movie and you know what. It was rather awesome.

At times, while watching this film you’ll find yourself laughing just as hard as you would for the average hangover type movie, at other times you’ll be attempting to guess what’s next on the agenda for the mystery that is Rubber, other times you’ll sit and appreciate the direction and the fact that the film breathes so much life into the main character, a tire, but most of all I found myself pondering about things films don’t usual force you to ponder about.

What Rubber is, to put it simply, is an oddity. I’ve never seen anything like it nor do I believe I ever will and if I do, I would be a little frustrated that someone was attempting to circumnavigate these waters again. This film very unique to say the least and not in the Incefption or Memento kind of way where I’d find it hard to believe someone doesn’t enjoy them, but unique in its own kind of way where I could completely see someone hating it. I for one enjoyed myself through and through. I’m being vague, but I’m being vague about a vague movie and in that idea, lies it’s beauty. Also, I basically went in blind and I’d like to pass along that courtesy, it might help.

Grade: A-

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