Tucker and Dale vs. Evil Review

It is a very difficult combination to combine both genres horror and comedy. This idea is nothing new though its been attempted many times and sometimes it works, while other times it doesn’t. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a very clear example of an attempt to combine both comedy and horror and fortunately, this is an example of this combination actually working very well.

In the film Tucker and Dale vs. Evil you’ll find every cliche imaginable, you know exactly what’s to be expected from this horror film because we’ve all seen it a million times. Then the film punches you in the face   (in the best possible way) because this is actually nothing like we’ve ever seen before. The supposed villains are dim witted and completely lovable, the attractive blond is actually intelligent, resourceful and not bent on having sex with every guy she sees, the supposed heroic male character is actually a villainous basterd oh and of course everyone is dying in horrific ways, but for all the wrong reasons (or maybe they are the right reasons). Any of this making sense? Good. Just watch it.

Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine are great as the title characters. Their very lovable as I already stated, but due to certain hilarious circumstances they’re not given the chance to show their true colors. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a fantastic comedy of errors that I could see never growing old. I don’t want to go deep into this plot at risk of giving away a lot of fun to be had (don’t watch the trailer below if you haven’t seen the movie) suffice it to say teenagers take a trip in the middle of the woods all hell breaks loose, sound familiar? It isn’t.

I know with all this praise it looks like Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is some kind of perfect film and its not. There is some pretty awful acting that I believe is placed purposefully, but it gets a little draining. Of course I can be nit-picky for a film like this, but I don’t want to. Fact of the matter is, this is a great film for exactly the movie its trying to be. And for some, it might not be your thing, but if it is, watch it and you’ll have a blast. In all honesty its hard not to.

Grade: B+

Cowboys & Aliens Review

Before the film Cowboys & Aliens even came out I noticed that many people I talked to or read online were appalled by the very idea of the film. I never got, Cowboys & Aliens had a fantastic idea. If aliens are so advanced and its plausible that they can invade our time, how is it not plausible that they can invade the old west? The idea was fantastic, but when it came to the actual film, for the most part, that’s all that was there, a great idea.

I don’t want to be too harsh on the film because I did find enjoyment in a majority of this film, but it essentially seemed that Jon Favreau just thought wouldn’t it be cool if cowboys and aliens were in a movie together, and then just ran with it. There was not much of an attempt to throw a compelling plot at all. It felt like the filmmakers didn’t care how good their plot was because, hell, they were making a movie in which cowboys and aliens were fighting.

Where many masterful pieces of originality attempt to delve deeper into the tale at hand, Cowboys & Aliens stayed above water. Of course there’s a lot of fun to be had, I mean its COWBOYS and ALIENS, but I just found myself a bit angered because the potential for a pretty great film was squandered to make your average summer blockbuster film. Fortunately I did end up getting my fill of amazing this year, in regards to an alien movie, in the film Attack the Block, but that’s to be discussed at another time.

There were some pros to be had here. Harrison Ford was fun as the sometimes brutal owner of the town. And ever since Layer Cake I’ve been a huge advocate of Daniel Craig. He does just as well here. I can’t however wait for him to act in some type of dramatic piece, because every ounce of me knows he can do it, and he can do it very well. Can anyone say, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Either way, Cowboys & Alienshad some pretty awesome action sequences and some very cool aliens that certainly deviated themselves from other film aliens while still being completely menacing. Though while being entertained by Cowboys & Aliens, its not hard to realize the obvious truth. Cowboys & Aliens took a pretty great and original idea and managed to make it a very generic film.

Grade: B-

Rubber Review

One of my absolute favorite genres of film is the horror genre. The reason I love horror films so much is because rarely is there a time where while I’m watching a horror film, am I not having a good time. There are two categories when it comes to horror, except in some infuriating cases, but for the most part you’re either watching a brilliant horror film such as The Shining or The Thing or you’re watching an awful horror film and more often than not, when horror films are really bad they’re hilarious making for a fun time anyways.

The film Rubber fits in neither of these categories. I sat down to watch the movie about a tire with telepathic powers expecting to laugh at how awful it was, I mean how can you turn down that premise? I walked away realizing that Rubber wasn’t the horror movie I thought I was going to watch at all. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t be able to find what genre it would fit in at all. Rubber was just Rubber, a truly one of a kind movie and you know what. It was rather awesome.

At times, while watching this film you’ll find yourself laughing just as hard as you would for the average hangover type movie, at other times you’ll be attempting to guess what’s next on the agenda for the mystery that is Rubber, other times you’ll sit and appreciate the direction and the fact that the film breathes so much life into the main character, a tire, but most of all I found myself pondering about things films don’t usual force you to ponder about.

What Rubber is, to put it simply, is an oddity. I’ve never seen anything like it nor do I believe I ever will and if I do, I would be a little frustrated that someone was attempting to circumnavigate these waters again. This film very unique to say the least and not in the Incefption or Memento kind of way where I’d find it hard to believe someone doesn’t enjoy them, but unique in its own kind of way where I could completely see someone hating it. I for one enjoyed myself through and through. I’m being vague, but I’m being vague about a vague movie and in that idea, lies it’s beauty. Also, I basically went in blind and I’d like to pass along that courtesy, it might help.

Grade: A-

Horrible Bosses Review

It is always refreshing to see a comedy in this age of comedy we live in that has laughs that aren’t solely based on sex or the word “fuck”. Horrible Bosses is a film that exemplifies that very idea. This is not to say the film exemplifies this idea perfectly because it most certainly doesn’t. Horrible Bosses was however very entertaining and made me laugh out loud through out.

When a film has such a fun premise and great actors playing very comedic characters, its hard to fail and this film doesn’t. The film follows three average joes whose bosses fit the build of “horrible”. When they can’t take it any longer the three friends device a plan in order to take care of the situation. Hilarity in ensues. And I’m being serious, the movie was rather hilarious. Some of the plot devices used were generic and almost too easy, but they get the characters from point A to point B and at the end of the day, its the comedy that matters and this was a well made comedy.

Of the employees, my favorite was by far Charlie Day’s character who was playing virtually the same character he plays on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, but what are you going to do, the character is funny and I laughed a lot. Jason Sudeikis definitely played his part making for some great moments. Bateman had his moments, but I’ve just never found him that funny to begin with. His delivery just doesn’t do it for me.

My favorite boss is a doozy. Kevin Spacey is with out a doubt the greatest actor working in this film, but this is a question of who was funnier. Even though Kevin Spacey was fabulous as the worst boss, but for me Jennifer Aniston was absolutely hilarious. You’ll find yourself dumb founded at times wondering to yourself if she actually just said that. It was completely out of character and I loved it. Colin Ferrell was also fun as the drugged up boss of Sudeikis, unfortunately he just didn’t get the chance to show anything off because he wasn’t in it as much.

There were some blatant flubs that you’d find resemble the kind you’d find in plenty of other namable comedies. There were a fair share of those laugh out loud moments that comedies aspire to have and there were some dull moments. So no Horrible Bosses wasn’t some kind of comedic gem, but it was a very funny movie that I would certainly laugh at again.

Grade: B