I just recently saw this movie on DVD and it was an ok movie, it was on the gruesome side at times, it was what you would call strange, and it it had unrealalistic fighting sequences when this could’ve been a serious film. The tension is built here and you do want to figure out the question and what really makes this movie worth watching is the fact that it has one of the best twists I’ve seen in a while. It doesn’t beat The Usual Suspects or Fight Club or a lot of others, but it’s taking revenge to the next level.

Shoot Em’ Up

This was a fun movie, you really can’t be bored here. The fact of the matter is though it was a cool movie, but it wasn’t what you’d consider a good movie. It was funny and packed with unrealalistic action. It was crude and I don’t know a lot of girls who would like this movie. It’s a guy movie and it’s not going to win oscars. It was entertaining, and thats what all movies have to have, and since it did have that I won’t be too tough with the grade. Guys see, you’ll enjoy yourself, but it won’t be Hot Fuzz and Girls don’t see, you will not like this movie. It was a cool, but not good movie with what I thought was an insanely good trailer that made the movie look better then it really was.

Grade: C+


I know that almost every single person is going to disagree when reading this review, but I’m gonna be honest, I did not like this movie one bit. First of all, it had mostly just bad actors and any good actors they did have just played small parts. There was no story what so ever, the movie was just inconsistent about everything, any action was just with toonish robots, and there was no final fight between Megatron and Optimus.Grade: D

Live Free or Die Hard

This was the fourth in the wonderful action saga, Die Hard. This was not as good as the first, but it was just as good, if not better then 2 and 3. It had so much action and at times it did go over board. All and all it was a good action, with a great actor, and an entertaining plot.

Grade: B+

Hot Fuzz

This was by far one of the best movies I’ve seen all year. This movies got everything, it’s a buddy-buddy cop movie, a horror movie, an action movie, but most of all it’s a comedy. This movie ties the common edge of your seat action movie with an incredible plot, which brings you hilarious results. This is the most original movie I’ve seen in a long time.Grade: A


It is the action movie that every single person in america has heard about. It was Lord of the Rings if you delete the drama, and add blood. This was a very entertaining movie, it had a story, it had characters you like and characters you hated, but let me warn that this is a guy movie, and it is just one battle after another, but this movie has the potential to do what all movies should do and that is to entertain.

Grade: B