RockNRolla Review

RockNRolla was a very entertaining film, but none-the-less, not what I expected. It was the slowest of Ritchie’s London crime capers, which wasn’t expected. It started out slow, but it got more and more fast paced as the movie went on. Out of Guy Ritchie’s fast-paced London crime capers, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is his best, but I would say that this at least ties with Snatch.  

The movie had all the right ingredients for a Guy Ritchie movie, great characters, great actors, great dialogue, and a jumbled plot involving such topics as, real-estate, violent junkies, war criminals, $7 million, a lucky painting, crayfish and a lot more. The movie was great, well executed, fun. A lot people say that Guy Ritchie isn’t a good director because he does the same type of film everytime, well to then I say, “yeah and that’s because he’s damn good at it”. No one has problems with Martin Scorsese making a lot of mobster movies. 

There were so many memorable scenes in this movie that makes you remember Lock Stock and Snatch. In the beginning I was thinking that the movie wasn’t going to be that good, but as the movie progressed, and the body count rose, I remembered whose movie I was watching and why. As a final note, I would like to say that I loved two characters the most in this movie, Lenny Cole, played by Tom Wilkinson, and Archie played by I don’t know, but he was great. My last words are this, Guy Ritchie has an incredible way of telling all his stories and his way has always been attempted to be duplicated, but no one can ever stand up with the original fast-paced cleverness of Guy Ritchie. 

Grade: A-


It is the action movie that every single person in america has heard about. It was Lord of the Rings if you delete the drama, and add blood. This was a very entertaining movie, it had a story, it had characters you like and characters you hated, but let me warn that this is a guy movie, and it is just one battle after another, but this movie has the potential to do what all movies should do and that is to entertain.

Grade: B