Shoot Em’ Up

This was a fun movie, you really can’t be bored here. The fact of the matter is though it was a cool movie, but it wasn’t what you’d consider a good movie. It was funny and packed with unrealalistic action. It was crude and I don’t know a lot of girls who would like this movie. It’s a guy movie and it’s not going to win oscars. It was entertaining, and thats what all movies have to have, and since it did have that I won’t be too tough with the grade. Guys see, you’ll enjoy yourself, but it won’t be Hot Fuzz and Girls don’t see, you will not like this movie. It was a cool, but not good movie with what I thought was an insanely good trailer that made the movie look better then it really was.

Grade: C+

Hot Fuzz

This was by far one of the best movies I’ve seen all year. This movies got everything, it’s a buddy-buddy cop movie, a horror movie, an action movie, but most of all it’s a comedy. This movie ties the common edge of your seat action movie with an incredible plot, which brings you hilarious results. This is the most original movie I’ve seen in a long time.Grade: A