If your looking for a good comedy, stop looking and see this movie. This is a hilarious movie that not even allow you to breathe because you’re laughing so hard. Parents, don’t take your kids no matter what age, it would just be awkward, but do let them see it so they can get a laugh too. If they are young, I would not reccomend it, because it is a very crude movie, but this is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time. Don’t get me wrong, if you see this don’t expect to see a good movie, expect to see a hilaurious movieGrade: (As a comedy I’d give it an A+,but as a movie) B-

The Simpsons Movie

This was just a dragged out episode of simpsons. Now I don’t mean that as a bad thing because this was a funny movie, all I’m saying is that this didn’t have to be a big screen movie, it could’ve been a straight to DVD or a TV special, because it didn’t seem special enough for the big screen. If you like the simpsons, your gonna like the movie, if you don’t really watch the simpsons, this isn’t your kind of comedy.

Grade: C-

I Now Pronounce Chuck and Larry

This was just another pointless Adam Sandler movie like Click was. It was funny at times, but the whole problem was that basically they weren’t even following the plot. The whole point of the movie was that they were supposed to be acting gay and they weren’t. They acted more like jocks forced into an improv class. It was decent for a comedy, but it wasn’t what it could’ve been.

Grade: C-

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

This was a pretty good movie. It was darker then any other past movie and that is what a Harry Potter movie should. What this one lacked was a plot that distinguished it from the previous movies. It just drew off the end of the fourth one. It had better action and acting then the previous movies though.

Grade: C+


I know that almost every single person is going to disagree when reading this review, but I’m gonna be honest, I did not like this movie one bit. First of all, it had mostly just bad actors and any good actors they did have just played small parts. There was no story what so ever, the movie was just inconsistent about everything, any action was just with toonish robots, and there was no final fight between Megatron and Optimus.Grade: D

Live Free or Die Hard

This was the fourth in the wonderful action saga, Die Hard. This was not as good as the first, but it was just as good, if not better then 2 and 3. It had so much action and at times it did go over board. All and all it was a good action, with a great actor, and an entertaining plot.

Grade: B+