This was by far one of the greatest horror movies I’ve ever seen. It had an incredible story and amazing acting. You’ll never know what’s gonna happen next. The movie always makes you wonder whether or not Cusacks crazy or if the room is actually haunted, but it’s all revealed at the end. If you like horror movies, this is a damn good one, and if you don’t just see it, it was just a fun movie.

Grade: B+

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

This is just a terrific movie that will both boggle your mind and dazzle your eyes. Its got an amazing amount of characters that gives you troubles while deciding who your favorite is. You got Johnny Depp at one of his best, Geoffrey Rush as an insane pirate, and Bill Nighy with tentecles. This movie stays true to the Pirates story so if you haven’t seen the first two you’ll be lost throughout. Pirates 3 is a must-see if you’ve seen the first two, and all and all it’s just a really good movie. I was not once bored during the 3 times I saw this movie in theaters.Grade: A-

Spider-Man 3

Aw, Ofcourse the infamous Spider-man 3. I think we can all agree that this movie would’ve been ten times better if they had Venom for more then just 20 minutes of the movie like they did. We can all agree that it had the action that all superhero movies need, but with so much action, that’s where you lack in story and just keep throwing multiple supervillians at the hero mindlessly. If you didn’t like the first two your not gonna like this one. I loved this movie and this is what a comic book movie should be, but I just thought it was gonna be an A+, but it wasn’t.Grade: B-


This is an intense drama/thriller that will bring you back to the days when you feared the line; “Have those lamps stopped screaming?” This movie is Silence of the Lambs if Anthony Hopkins wasn’t a cannibal and you replace Jodie Foster with Ryan Gosling. This wasn’t as good as Silence of the Lambs, but it was fun to try and figure out what would happen next. If you like Anthony Hopkins and his usual diabolical genius parts, you’ll like this movie.

Grade: B

Hot Fuzz

This was by far one of the best movies I’ve seen all year. This movies got everything, it’s a buddy-buddy cop movie, a horror movie, an action movie, but most of all it’s a comedy. This movie ties the common edge of your seat action movie with an incredible plot, which brings you hilarious results. This is the most original movie I’ve seen in a long time.Grade: A