The Dark Knight DVD Packaging

If your like me and are extremely excited about the set date of December 12th for The Dark Knight DVD release, then you might also be like me and be pissed at what I’m about to show/tell you. I have been excited to know for awhile what the DVD case will look like. If the couple sites that I’ve looked on are correct about the look then I am pissed off. A monkey could’ve thought up these DVD designs:

The Dark Knight

Why the f*&^ is The Joker not on the cover. First of all The Joker is by far the best character in this film and in history, why is he not on the cover of the movie he’s in. Second of all, this is Heath Ledger’s last completed performance and one of the best I’ve ever seen by an actor and they’re not even going to have the character on the cover. It should just be The Joker on the cover F&*( Batman. Maybe they should give you a choice, one with joker and one with batman, the batman one wouldn’t even sell one single copy. You know that and I know that. 

Comment if you agree with anything I’ve just said.