Top Ten Films of the 90s

This is a really fun top ten list to tackle. I’m a 90s kind of guy so most of my favorite movies come out of the 90s. It’s fun to look at the 90s because what you get are some movies that people think are classics now and some movies that people think are still new and will be thought of as classics eventually. There’s a lot of different opinions you can have on this decade, as with any, but this one especially. Well, let’s get to this list.

10. SE7EN

An incredibly plotted and graphic thriller, that allows you to figure out the case through grisly murders instead of just showing you them first hand.

9. Ed Wood

A hilaurious and realistic look a the worst director of all time. Everyone big or small deserves to have their story told.

8. The Usual Suspects

A complex, well-acted, crime thriller with an ending that’ll leave any man speechless.

7. American Beauty

A close and astoundingly interesting look into the lives of the not so ordinary.

6. The Silence of the Lambs

An excellent “classic” about the tracking of a serial killer through the conversations of a much worse one.

5. Goodfellas

The documentary-like drama is by far one of the best mob movies ever made and without question surpasses The Godfather in my opinion.

4. The Shawshank Redemption

An epic and inspiring look at prison life and friendship. A  movie that will never be forgotten, it is number 1 on IMDB TOP 250.

3. Unforgiven

The best western there is that flips around sides and forces you to root for the wrong one. Or is it?

2. Pulp Fiction

From the incredible dialogue, to the teeth cringing violence, Pulp Fiction will now and forever be known as a classic.

1. Fight Club

The psychological thriller has just about everything. Great acting, great characters, great writing, story, directing, ending, etc. Fight Club is a masterpiece and always will be.

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Films of the 90s

  1. Your choices are phenomenal but they only reflect your personal opinion, which is cool, I’m not here to argue with your own personal taste but to write mine 🙂

    1st – Pulp Fiction is THE MOVIE; not just from 90’s but of all times – at least for me

    2nd – you’ve “forgotten” quite some names (random order) – how about Heat/ Casino/ American history X/ The thin red line/ Groundhog day/ Reservoir dogs/ Fear and loathing in Las Vegas/ Rob Roy/ Primal fear/ The devil’s advocate/ Leon/ The legend of the pianist on the ocean/ 12 Monkeys/ L.A. Confidential/ The green mile/ Dances with wolves/ Glengarry Glen Ross/ White men can’t jump/ The prince of tides/ Hoffa/ Point break/ The People vs. Larry Flynt/ Wuthering Heights/ Jerry Maguire/ The Truman show/ The big Lebowski/ Snow falling on cedars/ Cape fear and I’m sure I’ve forgotten many more others …

  2. I love your list. 😀 You have marvelous taste, friend. Shawshank Redemption, The Usual Suspects, and American Beauty would be on my list too.

    And Fight Club? Probably the very best film ever at all. It really is the most deserving choice for #1; you’re right that it’s a masterpiece.

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