Body of Lies Review

While watching Body of Lies, there will be a point where you will think to yourself, wow, this is a great movie. For me that point was car/helicopter chase about 20 minutes in. I agreed with that thought the second the movie ended. When watching Body of Lies, you realize that what your watching is an intricately plotted drama with a lot of entertaining action thrown into the mix. Body of Lies was a fictional story about two CIA agents attempting to end a rising terrorist group.

Roger Ferris (Dicaprio) is a rising member who knows the score, hates all the deception, but at the same time knows he has to accept it. Ed Hoffman (Crowe) is a senior member whose so full of himself that he thinks he can play god and toy with the lives of others, and sometimes does, but only “for the good of the country”. Don’t get me wrong though, Hoffman isn’t the villain of the film, he’s just a good man he sometimes does bad things. Everyone in the film is on the top of their game especially Crowe, who plays a very different character, as he plays a fat arrogant prick who you can’t stand at times.

Body of Lies is a very realistic and intelligent movie that deals with topics that are political, technological, and most of all deceptive. Body of Lies sort of reminds me of a Global version of the movie The Departed. I’m not saying this movie was as good as The Departed by any means, but what I am saying is that it’s no that far from it.

Grade: A

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